Bee Cheng Hiang

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Executive Summary
Operation management (OM) is the set of activities that creates value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs. These activities creating goods and services take place in all organizations, especially for manufacturing firms. It is important to a manager to understand to OM and apply to daily activities, therefore managers have to make sure that they understand entire production chain in order to transform the material to finish good and reach the consumer’s hand. In this report we have choosing Bee Cheng Hiang as our target company. Bee Cheng Hiang is a Singapore company and it expand their business to countries such as Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Philippines. Today Bee Cheng Hiang have more than 160 branches in South East Asia Pacific (beechenghiang, 2013). In this report, we are interview the manager of retail store at Jalan Sultan, Malaysia branches. During the interview, we also discuss about the manufacture of Bee Cheng Hiang that based in Johor.

History of Bak Kwa
Bak Kwa, which also known as “Rou Gan” is one of the Chinese traditional barbecued meat product similar to jerky and it is usually made from pork. In the early years, Bak Kwa means “dried meat” in Hokkien, and its origin came from the Fujian province in China (Ee Ling, G., 2010). To be more specific, Bak Kwa is known as a Hokkien famous delicacy, which usually prepared for Chinese New Year Celebration. Several decades later, there were many Chinese immigrants moved to the South East Asia region and they brought along the recipe (Ee Ling, G., 2010). Therefore Bak Kwa in this present day is becoming a very famous and popular local-made snack in many Asia countries especially Singapore and Malaysia.

Bak Kwa Making Process
The traditional method of making the Bak Kwa was very simple. Step 1 : By using the preservation or leftover meat and sliced the meat into thin square shaped form. Step 2 : Is to start marinating the thin square formed meat with sugar and some Chinese spices such as sugar, salt, soy sauce. Step 3 : There are two ways in cooking the Bak Kwa after marinated which either using air-dried or grilled over charcoal method (Goz, L., 2013). Nowadays there are many advance and more hygienic way to produce a Bak Kwa. First of all, people nowadays preferred not to use preservation or leftover meat to make Bak Kwa. Moreover, there are many choices of meat such as chicken, beef and mutton also can use to make Bak Kwa and the taste are even better compared to using pork meat. More spices to be use in marinating the meat compared to those ancient methods, such as honey, Chinese rice wine, fish or oyster sauce, sesame oil and many more are added in order to make the Bak Kwa more suitable to the local taste (Goz, L., 2013). Some people are still using the old fashion way to cook the Bak Kwa by using charcoal, but many have changed and preferred to use high technology cooking machine such as oven which also have same outcome and even faster.

Chop Hup Chong Food Industries
Chop Hup Chong was started in the beginning of the 1970s and it is mainly manufacturing of barbecued meat products (Spring Singapore, 2012). Later in the year 1988 the company formed as Chop Hup Chong Food Industries Pte Ltd and based it headquarter at Singapore (Spring Singapore, 2012). The following years, the company then expanded its product range into more meat-based products and slowly increasing its businesses around the Asian region. Chop Hup Chong Food Industries produced both Halal and Non-Halal meat products and owned a factory plants at Johor, Malaysia and others factory at China, Taiwan and Indonesia. The company is credited by Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary (AVA) for...
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