Topics: Great Britain, Saxons, Vortigern Pages: 3 (1907 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Seminar 1. Anglo-Saxon History Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum Was it a difficult text Why Did you make frequent use of the dictionary What is the original language of this history Why Do you think the authors description of the British Isles provides useful information What kind of information is it and in what order is it presented What do you know about Bede Was he interested in languages and cultures Could you find any aspect leading us to think he was a Christian and an Anglo-Saxon author In chapter 15 Bede offers the adventus saxonum (the coming of the Saxons) event as having happened in 450 According to his account, who were Vortigern, Hengest and Horsa and Ambrosius Aurelianus Whose side do you think Bede is on On what basis did Bede consider good or bad people Bede from Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (A.D. 731) Bk I, Ch I The situation of Britain and Ireland their earliest inhabitants Britain, formerly known as Albion, is an island in the ocean, facing between north and west, and lying at a considerable distance from the coasts of Germany, Gaul, and Spain, which together form the greater part of Europe. It extends 800 miles northwards, and is 200 in breadth, except where a number of promontories stretch further, the coastline round which extends to 3675 miles. To the south lies Belgic Gaul, from the nearest shore of which travellers can see the city known as Rutubi Portus, which the English have corrupted to Reptacestir. The distance from there across the sea to Gessoriacum, the nearest coast of the Morini, is fifty miles or, as some write it, 450 furlongs. On the opposite side of Britain, which lies open to the boundless ocean, lie the isles of the Orcades. Britain is rich in grain and timber it has good pasturage for cattle and draught animals, and vines are cultivated in various localities. There are many land and sea birds of various species, and it is well known for its plentiful springs and rivers abounding in fish. There are salmon...
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