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Becton Dickinson & Company: VACUTAINER Systems Division - Presentation Transcript 1. Becton Dickinson & Company: VACUTAINER Systems Division Nina Cowley Zach Evans Sean Zemek 2. The Beginning

* Maxwell W. Becton and Fairleigh S. Dickinson met on a sales trip in 1897. Months later, they decided to go into business together, sealing their partnership with a handshake. They named their medical device import company Becton, Dickinson and Company. 3. Product Breakdown

* Becton Dickinson (BD) manufactured:
* Medical
* Diagnostic
* Industrial safety products
* For:
* Health care professionals
* Medical research institutions
* Medical industry
* General public
4. Business Segments
5. Medical Products Division
6. Becton Dickinson VACUTAINER Systems (BDVS)
* Formed as a business unit in 1980
* Consisted of three main products
* Venous blood collection tubes and needles sold under the VACUTAINER name (70% of sales) * Capillary blood collection tubes and lancets sold under the MICROTAINER name * Microbiology tubes and specimen collector systems 7. BDVS Segment Facts

* 1984 sales were $90 million
* Each product group accounted for 33% of operating income * Pioneer in converting market to evacuated tubes
* Estimated 80% market share in U.S.
8. Market Trends
* 7,000 hospitals performed 70% of all blood tests in 1985 * 700 commercial labs performed 25% of all blood tests * 5% of all blood tests performed in non-hospital health care centers * Market had seen a decline in hospital blood testing between 1983 & 1985 * Projected that by 1990, 40% of blood testing would be done in commercial labs and physician offices 9. Market Trends (cont.)

* Shifting purchasing patterns
* Chief lab technician historically asked for certain brands *...
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