Becoming a Teacher

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Becoming a Teacher
Grand Canyon University
EDU310: Exploring Education as a Profession
Professor Jeff
December 4, 2011

Becoming a teacher means much more to me then just a paycheck or just another job I have to go to everyday. I want to make the difference in a student’s life, I want them to feel as if they can achieve the world and that each and everyone of them are important in one way or another. My vocation or calling to become a teacher has been with me for some time now. When I was little I use to play school with my little girlfriends all the time and I would always be the teacher. I love to learn and have always wanted to share that love of learning.

Community impact and the commitment to my students tie together. As teachers we have tons of impact on the community, we help shape the younger generations within our community with the help of parents of course. I will strive to become that role model to my students and I will commit to them that they will succeed and learn new things each and every day. Being a role model to me as for any teacher I am sure is very important. Being a role model is not only a great feeling to have but is also a great tool to gain student’s respect.

There will be extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to me as a teacher and to my students. For me extrinsic rewards will be seeing my students smiling faces and seeing them succeed in what they set their hearts to. An added bonus might be a teaching award at some point in my career. As for my students their extrinsic rewards for one is to always have a smiling teacher to greet them everyday, but also there can be multiple extrinsic rewards such as free days, homework coupons, or just to pick something fun to do at the end of the day. Intrinsic rewards I think are pretty similar to a teacher and a student. For us to have that joy of success or the fulfillment to teach and learn is a great intrinsic reward in my...

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