Becoming a Mother

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Change Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Prof. Edwards
14 January 2013

Happiest Moment in Life
Becoming a parent was my happiest moment in life thus far. When you bring a child into this world your life changes instantly and you gain accomplishment in life. A child helps you learn responsibility, teaches you to live for others, and brings you love you never experienced before.

Even before the child is born you already make a lot of changes in your life. First, you start with cutting out your bad habits. For example, I quit smoking and started eating healthy to prevent any dangers that could affect the baby. After the baby is born you learn to be responsible in several different ways. Financially, I learned to manage bills and necessities so my family could survive with the least amount of stress possible. Emotionally, I learned to “grow up” quicker to protect, provide, and set a good example for my child.

Before my child was born, I always learned to worry about myself more than others around me. However, once you become a parent you can no longer live this way or you will most likely have serious consequences. When my son was born I learned how to provide for his needs before I even thought of myself. For example, I woke early to assure he was never hungry though I may have needed more sleep. In the long run, this mindset taught me to be more perceptive to the people around me. It seems that I grew more compassionate to others due to the fact I never want anyone to overlook my son or his feelings.

Now for happiness, once I saw my beautiful boy; tears of joy filled my eyes. When something makes you so happy that you cry, you know you have experienced pure joy and true love. When I look back at my past I could probably think of a thousand things I would do differently; honestly, having my son is a moment I would never change if I had the opportunity. My son is now three years old and when I look or listen to him I still feel the same joy I did when he was born. I know I will...
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