Becoming a Medical Billing Specialist

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Medical terms Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: September 12, 2010
Becoming a Medical Billing Specialist
Keisha Marselis
SLS 1105-65 Strategies for Success
March 20, 2010

Becoming a Medical Billing Specialist
I love working with people and on computers. So I looked for a career where I can do both. Deciding to become a Medical Billing Specialist was the perfect choice for me. When I first entered into the medical field, I became a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I love doing my job because I was able to help others in need. As time passed I knew I wanted to do more but I just didn’t know what that was. Then one day I went to the doctor’s office with a patient for a routine checkup and I started talking to one of the medical assistants. She asked me if I liked my job. I told her that I love what I did but I wanted something more. I also mentioned that I had went to school for basic computer training before I went to school for CNA. Then she said that I should think about going to school for Medical Billing and Coding.

When I started looking into the field, I was astonished. I would be able to do the two things I love, working with people and on computers. I discover that a person interested in medical billing and coding should have excellent knowledge of the field, is willing to help those in need and have flexibility to obtain additional training for job advancement.

“Medical coding is a key step in the medical billing process. Every time a patient receives professional health care in a physician’s office, hospital outpatient facility or ambulatory surgical center(ASC), the provider must code and create a claim to be paid, whether by a commercial payer, the patient or CMS(The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services)” (American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), 2010). A medical coder’s main job is to look over patient’s records and other information to code and classify a patient’s diagnosis or procedure. Then they must assign and input the correct diagnostic code to establish the amount of money a...

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