Becoming a Forensic Scientist

Topics: Forensic science, Sherlock Holmes Pages: 4 (1572 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Becoming a Forensic Scientist
The scientific examination of a forensic scientist is to methodically gather and analyze evidence to establish facts that can be presented in a legal proceeding. They help the court to come to a conclusion regarding the criminals and their punishments. The field of study or examination of forensic scientist is very wide, diverse and unpredictable. The duties and responsibilities are very hazardous, onerous and involve risk taking because dangerous things are capable of happening at a crime scene or in a lab. Professionals in this field also encounter material exhibits pertaining to various natures of crimes and explosive substances. Forensic scientists are required to work with limited quantity and amount of materials generally left behind or carried away by criminals. Already knowing about myself, as well as how to seek what a forensic scientist entails, I have come to the realization that I am well-suited to become a forensic scientist, as such a career will help me to achieve my life goals of having to help society, being responsible and committed to what I have gotten into, being employed, supporting myself, and making the impossible - possible. I now have a lucid plan to reach my career objectives by attending a University to study forensic science and obtaining a job as one.

With the information I discovered, I can distinguish that I am highly suited for a position as a forensic scientist because I hold various qualities that are essential to being a great forensic scientist. According to the American Academy of Forensic Science you should have the skill and ability to “perform forensic evidence collection identification and analysis; organize and present evidence used in criminal processing; operate a variety of forensic equipment and instruments in a safe and effective manner; work independently in the absence of supervision; prepare written and oral reports; understand and follow oral and written instructions;...
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