becoming a defense lawyer

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Becoming a Defence Lawyer

A defence attorney is tasked with representing a client who is facing a criminal charge in court. Criminal defence attorneys provide legal counsel throughout the entire court process, from the arrest up to the final ruling and sentencing. Before you can work as a local or federal criminal defence lawyer, you’ll need to get a good education and some training in law. Defence attorneys work in courts and offices, and will often need to meet with clients who are in jail, and they sometimes have to work long or odd hours. Here is how to become a defence attorney:

1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree. Accounting, Philosophy, Psychology and Political Science are some acceptable degrees to earn in preparation for law school, however, students from any discipline can be admitted into law school. Some colleges have specific pre-law programs designed, though the American Bar Association recommends that any bachelor’s degree you earn in preparation for law school should help you learn analytic and problem solving skills, critical reading, writing and oral communication, and research.

2. Take the LSAT and attend law school. To qualify for law school, you must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Preparation for this test is key as your performance on the LSAT will have a major impact with the admissions office of most law schools. The LSAT is comprised heavily on logical reasoning, reading comprehension and basic knowledge. You can find out more information about the LSAT by visiting the Web site of the Law School Admissions Counsel (the organization that administers the LSAT) here. Upon being accepted to law school, focus on criminal law and study the key cases in your district's history. You may also join law fraternities whose alumni can help get you into defence law firms that are affiliated with them.

3. Attend criminal court proceedings. While law school is heavy on theory and mastering the law, a law student can gain actual court...
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