Becoming a Clinical Psychologist

Topics: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Mental health professional Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Hussein Kobeissi
Clinical Psychology I Search.

The career field that I am interested in pursuing is clinical psychology. There are many reasons why I want to follow this career, but none of them are storied really. The actual reason I want to become a clinical psychologist is within my own mind, and my own life story; no one event will tell why I am so interested. Ever since I was young, I loved to know why and what makes things work, everyone knows that about me in my family. When I was little and my parents bought me toys, I would take apart all of the pieces and put them in a box, which I labeled ‘resources’. And ever since I was young, no one was there for me, and no one gave me the attention I needed, and as a result I grew into an independent mind, and I grew up trying to understand how the world works. I decided what better project is there, than trying to figure out what makes us humans work, and why life has been so difficult for me, and why no one was there for me. It just so happens that psychology brings all of these elements I have stored in my head, and brings them together in a proactive. I want to give people the chance I never had, that is my goal in life, and that’s why I want to help people who don’t have anyone there. I already know briefly about clinical psychology before researching it, but I really haven’t really ever taken the time to make a detailed look into it. Basically, I want to learn anything and everything about this career field that there is to know. I also want to know things from the inside, and what this career is really like, and not just a front. That’s probably my curious nature playing again, but I’m sure it will only help me to learn much more about this career.

While beginning my research, I started with an interview from a professional in the field. I found him through my father (they were friends and served together in the military) and he was more than happy to do this interview with...
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