Becoming the one who made it

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Becoming the one who made it
Have you ever seen a man in a suit and tie driving around in the car of your dreams accompanied by a woman who appears to have it all? That right there, is my constant reminder to strive to be worthy of that same recognition I have toward successful people. To be of importance to my community is the impeccable dream. Your success in the future greatly depends on how successful you become during college years. For that reason, this school year I have decided to put myself to the ultimate test. It is my first year in college, meaning that I need to be up to par with time management, being organized and having the highest possible grades in all of my classes. My top priority will be to stay focused in all of my classes, to receive the most knowledge possible. When you take good notes, you are more likely to pay full attention to what your professor is teaching. Upon arriving home after class I will make it a point to go over my notes, that way I will more likely remember key information. This will give me better chances to succeed in all of my classes. Also in order to keep up with assignments, and lectures it is crucial for me to attend all of my classes. Not going to class can really limit any ones chances of passing. You miss out valuable information, and the opportunity to ask questions on work that is asked of you to be done. Although, one is bound to be absent from time, to time. So I will make friends with the people who are recognizably on task. Classmates have come in handy in situations where I did not understand the material given to me. I know that if I get together with a classmate we will both benefit from the different techniques we have both been taught. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that collaboration surely makes the difference in the way I get my work done. Without a doubt on my mind I feel very confident sharing my thoughts with peers and getting their outlook on my work. Revision can help...
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