Becoming an American

Topics: United States, Vietnam War, Pathet Lao Pages: 3 (581 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Becoming an American: The Latehomecomer by Kao Kalia Yang

Rikki Arkansas

Professor Publotina
November 20, 2014
“And the adults kept saying: how lucky we are to be in America. I wasn’t convinced. I saw them walking in the snow drifts, their backs bent, their hands curled to their sides…But when I saw how hard they all worked to keep us in school, to put warm food on the old tabletops, I could not, no matter how discouraged, say: This is not enough” (pp. 178-179).

In 1975, Kao Kalia Yang's teenaged parents fled into the wilderness. They were not yet her parents, had not yet even met each other, yet life in their towns had gotten to be so hazardous there is no option remain. The war in Southeast Asia had attacked their homes, their groups, and their nation what's more now the Hmong individuals were generally chased again in light of the fact that they had helped the U.s. battle its war on their dirt. Like the hundreds of years long history of the Hmong before them, they found themselves at the end of the day without a spot to call home. The question I have been asked to answer throughout this paper was if Kao Kalia Yang was an American or not. From what I have read from the book Latehomecomer Kao Kalia Yang is not an American.

In their quest for security and sanctuary Yang's family moved – regularly persuasively – ordinarily. They made due by searching in the Lao wilderness; constantly on the run from Pathet Lao warriors who chased them. They claimed no one but what could be gathered rapidly and conveyed with them as they moved from spot to place. In the end the Yang ladies, including her pregnant mother and darling fatherly grandma, were caught. They realized that if the troopers got male gang parts it would mean their sure fire demise. The female relatives, then, yielded their own flexibility and permitted themselves to be gathered together and kept in a captive camp. This implied the men could...
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