Becoming an Academic Writer

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Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung
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Becoming an Academic Writer
Academic writing is completely necessary for studying in college. Students are frequently required to use it to write the critiques, research papers and formal reports in their courses. Thus, it is important to pay attention on: the content of an essay; correct grammar and advanced level vocabulary. Almost students realized that the content of essay totally differed from the others kinds of composition. In high school, the topics are usually familiar: childhood, friend, family…In opposite, the issues in college essay are more challenging, for example, reacting to a piece of literature or writing about the community. Therefore, to well understand these topics, it is essential to read a lots and do research to build a foundation. Furthermore, writer should add the examples, statistics, and direct quotations whenever possible to support the ideas. By giving specific examples, the essays will be more impressive. The improvement of understanding grammar is indispensable in order to write for college. Consequently, writer ought to review the basic grammatical structures such as subjects and verbs; verbs tense consistency and punctuation. As a result, the sentences will be more complex as well as include transitional words, gerunds, and embedded clauses. Furthermore, the academic essays need a much more abundant formal vocabulary. Thus, buying a new dictionary and thesaurus to expand the knowledge is inevitable. With these tools, compositors can search for synonyms to repeat the same words too simple or informal for a college essay and also focus on the rules of spelling, and correct any errors before submitting. Critical thinking, understanding of the topic, high level vocabulary, and correct grammar are the decisive skills for a perfect academic essay. Owning these skills, students will be better communicator and proud of their writing products.
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