Becoming Adolf Critical Annalysis

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Moustache, Heinrich Himmler Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: September 18, 2011
“Becoming Adolf” is an essay written by Rich Cohen in which he has an epiphany. Sporting a mustache must be the source of evil when it comes to men in power. He visits the history of men in power and their staches'. Cohen also decides to “bring back” the toothbrush mustache that is commonly associated with Adolf Hitler. This essay is also a great example of symbolism. Symbolism is when an object does not only represent itself but it represents something greater. Cohen uses symbolism very well in his essay. Everyone knows who Adolf Hitler is. Everyone also knows his “inch of hair that speaks of bottomless evil” (Cohen) or the Hitler stache'. Symbols are everywhere in pop-culture especially with celebrities. A few examples can be Pewee Hermans red bicycle, Drew Carreys thick rimmed glasses, or Nelly the rappers silly face band-aid. When you see someone with a red bicycle or someone with a band-aid on their face you cannot help but be reminded of these people. Though, unlike Hitler they did not do the evil things Hitler has done. Because of that the “toothbrush” mustache will never be popular again. Cohen tries to “rock” the Hitler stache' but fails, because people know who that mustache is associated with and “they ignore, they avert, they move away” (Cohen) because they are uncomfortable with what that specific mustache symbolizes. Cohen goes on to say that no one can reclaim the “toothbrush” mustache “Because it's too dirty. Because it's soaked up too much history. “ (Cohen) The audience that this essay is geared towards can be history buffs or anyone that is interested in pop-culture. Cohen informs the reader of many historical events. i.e. The first time Hitler is seen with the “toothbrush” mustache and who wore the stache' first Chaplin or Hitler? Going with the pop-culture audience many celebrities have a significant part of them that people will recognize. Such as Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark. The significance of this essay being for the people interested...
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