Becky's Influence on Gilbert's Life

Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: November 3, 2008
In contrast Becky is a very worldly person who has traveled to various places. She is very approachable, because of all her travels she has met all kinds of different people and seems to be able to adapt very well to new people. Becky is eager to learn about Gilbert and his family, because she has absorbed similar family dynamic in Gilbert’s family. In addition, Becky curiosity drives her to learn more about Gilbert’s life.

Becky and her travel experience represent many different things in the film. Becky represents the future for Gilbert. She is something new that Gilbert has never experienced. When Becky shows up to Endora changes start happening to the small town. For example a new grocery store called Foodland and a fast food restaurant named Burger Barn introduced to the small town, and it started to change the town. The introduction of these two new place has allowed large chains to become more acceptable, than the traditional mom and pop shops, by the residents of Endora. The people of Endora realize the convenience of these two places bring to their town. This causes the new Endore and the old Endore are split in half. Representing big changes in the town and big changes that are going to help Gilbert in guiding his life.

Becky intervenes in Gilberts life in many different ways. She teaches him to not be ashamed of Arnie and his mother Bonnie. For example when Gilbert and Arnie take Becky home from Lamson’s, and Arnie helps carry her grocery and then accidently drops them. Gilbert tells Arnie to say sorry, and Becky says, “don’t be sorry, I’m not sorry, are you sorry Arnie,” but Gilbert seems to get embarrassed for the slightest mistake Arine just made. Becky helps Gilbert understand that it is not Arnie fault, because no one has took the time to teach Arnie what is right from wrong. In addition Gilbert has no respect for his mother when taking Becky to see his house. When he talks about her he says offensive things such as beached whale, fat,...
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