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Topics: Henry II of England, T. S. Eliot, Thomas Becket Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: February 24, 2015
Christian Freeman
AP Literature 12th- 5th period
Mrs. Kimble
July 28,2014
Murder in the Cathedral Analysis

T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral and 1964's movie Becket are both two stories that represent a memoir of Thomas Becket's life, who was declared Archbishop of the English church and Chancellor of England by king Henry II in 1170. Becket story may be told in similar ways in both of the works, but each story has their differences when it comes to how his death is portrayed. Although the movie and the play both show Becket honored in the end of each work, the events that lead up to so created a different approach for the two. While T.S. Eliot's play focuses on Becket's death as a betrayal of the King of England and their friendship, the movie Becket uses the story before to create the idea of jealously and lack on maturity as well as envy with God to be the main cause of Becket's death. The two create a contrasting outcome based on god's intentions and the royal government itself. This contrast is also the main driving plot in both stories itself.

In the play version of the story, T.S. Eliot creates a more center focus on the climax of Becket's death. The beginning of they play is used in order to establish only the main connections needed in order to understand exactly what is happening. However, as the play continues, a reader would notice how Becket is killed shortly after he is prosecuted. There may be a mental time elapse, but the play is rather seen as short and sweet. The knights in the play come off more as brutal monsters rather than loyal to the king. Since this is a short story, there really is a lacking background between the heads of the knights themselves. However, they do show a sense of strong will for what they are told by taking turns speaking in order to establish their point. They couldn't be more well connected with the monarchy. As soon as Becket is killed, the church is addressed and told to return to their homes. However in...
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