Beck Hopelessness Scale Assessment

Topics: Psychometrics, Reliability, Suicide Pages: 5 (1537 words) Published: May 23, 2013
PSY 449
Assessment Project
May 23, 2013

1) Beck Hopelessness Scale
* Authors:
a) Aaron T. Beck and Robert A. Steer (A. Beck, A. Steer, 1978-1993). * Publisher:
a) The Psychological Corporation
* Date of Publication:
b) 1978-1993.
* Current Version:
* Reasons for any revisions:
2) Logistical Information
* Cost of manual:
a) 1997 price data: $49.50 per complete kit including 25 record forms and manual; $27.50 per 25 record forms; $24 per manual; $6.50 per scoring key. b) 2013 price data: BHS Complete Kit- Includes Manual, 25 Record Forms, and Scoring key for the price of $121.50 * Test materials:

c) Paper-and-pencil or online administration.
* Computer-based version:
d) Available on the Pearson Assessments website; duration is 5 to 10 minutes; this can be self-administered or be given verbally by a trained administrator. 3) Purpose for which the test was developed

a) This self-report inventory was developed to measure three major aspects of hopelessness to better understand to what extent individuals experience negative attitudes or pessimistic views about their future. b) The inventory measures the three categories of hopelessness: expectations, feelings about the future, and loss of motivation. This inventory is a tool that a clinically trained professional can use to indicate how likely an individual is to commit suicide (A. Beck, R.S, 1978-1993). These test items, I assume, were selected by determining what the definition of hopelessness was and what factors best fit within that explanation. 4) Demographic Characteristics

* Age:
b) Ages recommended were adolescents and adults (A. Beck, A. Steer, 1978-1993) c) Ages recommended: 17 through 80 years (Pearson ,2013) * Gender:
a) Both male and female
* Culture:
a) From my readings, I understand that the test is available in both English and Spanish. The test has also been translated into Dutch and Hebrew (Test Inventory, 7). So I am lead to believe that the span of individuals, who take the scale assessment, can vary in cultural backgrounds. Hispanic, Aboriginal, Caucasian, and African-American were all listed. The diversity in the cultural and geographical samples of this inventory varies (Test Inventory, 7). People with history in drug abuse, delinquency, and MDD’s were also mentioned and targeted. * Sample size :

a) I could not find sample sizes in the reading
5) Recommended use(s) of the test:
* This test is recommended time and time again, to be used as just one tool in the vast tools accessible to a clinically trained professional in finding suicidal prevalence in an individual’s life (Mental Measurements Yearbook, 1992). b) The use of this test is not to be used in a test battery necessarily, but again, it is recommended to not be used as the only diagnostic tool in determining treatment or diagnosis of any individual (Mental Measurements Yearbook, 1992). So while it is not necessarily categorized in the test battery field it can be used with various other tests and tools to ultimately reach a conclusion and plan of action for treatment to better improve an individual’s life. The test is also encouraged to be administered to individuals willing to be honest and take the assessment. c) Typical settings for the exam would be when a clinical professional wants to know the ideas and outlooks an individual has about their future. To also discover how severe and how influential negative thoughts play a role into those ideas and outlooks of their future. 6) Method and time for administering and scoring the test: * Method and time for administering the test I imagine would happen when the individual decides to start it if they are conducting an online based inventory. If in person with a clinically trained professional is present, when the professional decides to...
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