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An Opposition to Punishment by Death

CJ1322 – Intro to Criminal Justice


July 16, 2013

An Opposition to Punishment by Death
Cesare Beccaria was a known classical theorist, who based that theory on the fact that all men possess and utilize three main characteristics – freewill, rational manner, and manipulability. To start, he argued that a freewill is present in every individual and very much used to make decisions. Second, rational manner, states that each man will look out for their own personal satisfaction, creating the key factor between law and crime. The last characteristic, manipulability, makes human action both predictable and controllable. That being said, Becarria strongly believed that there was an absolute need for a criminal justice system, including both laws and punishments. Cesare Beccaria is said to be one of the most influential contributors to U.S. Law. Shortly after receiving a law degree at the Roman Catholic education-based College of Parma in 1758 Beccaria moved on to join a literary society The Academy of Fists. The Academy of Fists consisted of a young group of men who illustrated a journal that not only brought the Enlightenment Period to light, but encouraged a large cultural movement in northern Italy. Beccaria's involvement in the Academy assured him assistance in the publication of his famous book On Criminals and Punishment. (New World Encyclopedia contributors, 2013) Originally published in Italian in 1764, Beccaria goes into depth explaining his theories, standings and beliefs concerning forty-seven different utilized punishment methods. From the Origin of Punishments to Pardons, Beccaria dissects each topic with unique specificity. Specifically drawing attention to Beccaria's views on the Death Penalty, his were unlike many others' in the day in age that the book was published. Beccaria argues, “What right, I ask, have men to cut the throats of their...

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