Because of Winn-Dixie

Topics: Mother, Character, Father Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: February 9, 2006
kate dicamillo is the author of this novel i think she wrote this novel to prove that a dog can becom ea humans best friend.This novel showed me that not only a human can be your best friend but also an animal. The story is told by a ten year old named India Opal Buloni. The setting of the novel takes place in Naomi Florida. India Opal moved there with her father she did not know anyone in town. One day her father sent her to the supermarket where she finds a dog. Opal decides to adopt him and names him after the supermarket "Winn-Dixie". Right away Opal knew she could tell him anything like the fact that shes been thinking about her mother who left Opal when she was three. her father the preacher wont talk to her about her at all. She feels really lonely but luckily with Winn-Dixie at her side she ends up making lots of friends and also becomes closer to her father. The preacher and Opal realized that while they've both have tasted a bit of sadness in their lives they found eachother and are thankful. The character that I liked most was Winn-Dixie because he was very clever amazing and friendly. Opals dad was the character i disliked most he was not a good dad he acted like a preacher than a father. Other characters were Amanda, Gloria Ortiz, Dunlap, Steve and Miss Franny. Most of them changed throughout the story. Most of them were lonely butt it all turned around when they learned how to find happiness in eachother. Opal struggles with the fact that she feels lonely and misses her mom she wants to find out things about her mom. The conflict is resolved when her dad tells her about her mom.the turning point of the story is when Winn_Dixis gets lost for a few days that makes opal and her father closer and they share their feelings with one another "and i listened careful, so I could learn it right".This is the last sentence of the novel which means if you listen carefully you hear things better.
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