Because It Is Running by

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Because It Is Running By
Times goes by, things change and people die, whether you like it or not. This is a known fact, but yet it seems so shock many people, people who think that they have planned their life and that’s how things are going to be.

“Because It Is Running By” is a short story written by Jo Llyod in 2009. The story deals with the lack of courage it takes to take a step towards our dreams, which is a problem that a lot of people can have.

In the story we follow a young man named Wil. He works on a farm and is still living with his mom. We get introduced to a woman called Edie, who is hired by Wil’s mother to assist her duties, so Wil’s mother can get more spare time. Wil has dreams about exploring the world and experience what it has to offer, but numerous things has held him back and tangled him to his childhood, working on the farm which his family owns, doing his daily chores.

When Edie tells Wil about how she broke her daily routine and travelled away. Will starts to admire her, because she did what Wil could not do, therefore he instantly falls in love with her. Wil starts telling Edie about how he had intentions of moving out and gone to college as well

“I could´ve done my A levels, he said. Could´ve gone to college… - Left when I was sixteen. When my dad died.” (Page 3)

Because of his father’s death, Wil gave up his studies and dreams.

Wil also tells Edie about how the caravan has become a symbol of his dreams. He explains how the family used to in it, and how they all of the sudden stopped doing it. The caravan stands still on the same place, quite like Wil’s dreams.

Wil is a quite simple and slightly primitive guy who is bound to his traditions and values; on the other hand Edie is from London, which is a higher society class. Even though Edie also has broken dreams, getting kicked out of college, she continues on her travels although she is in love with Wil. This shows us that she is a much braver person...
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