Bec Case Questions Chapter 5

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Case Study - (2,6,7,8,9)

2.Develop a detailed project schedule for the analysis phase and a general project schedule for subsequent phases of this project. This schedule should follow from answers to questions in BEC cases from prior chapters and from any class project guidelines given to you by your instructor. Be prepared to suggest a different overall schedule than the 18 workweeks indicated in the case if your available project time is different from this project length. Also prepare a budget for the project as you would conduct it. What resources do you anticipate the team will need to conduct the project as you outline it? How might these resources be acquired?

Budget & Resources: I see this project as not having a lot of expenses. The students are working for a grade; therefore there are no labor costs. The hardware (computers and printers) should be available to use through the school. The school should have software available also due to the nature of their classes and having projects done previously. There may be costs associated with printing and notebooks, etc but they would be minimal. With all of this being said, I would add $1000 as the budget to cover incidentals and potential extra software costs for the project.


|  |  |  |Weeks | |  |Task | |Interviewee: Carrie Douglas |Interviewer: Student Group | |Location: Local Restaurant close to Carrie’s Office |Appointment Time: TBD | |Objectives: Gain information to determine system requirements |Reminders: Stay on topic, try not to let this turn into a full brainstorming | | |session | |Agenda: | | |Intro |1 Min | |Go through Questions with Carrie |49 Min | |Review and Wrap-up |10 Min | |Questions for Carrie: | |You would like for there to be structured and unstructured comments on rentals and purchases. Do you still feel this is the best way to move forward? Would you | |like there to be a ratings system to be included? What are your ideas for the structured information? | | | |Would you like people to only be able to comment on the items they have rented or purchased through you or would they be allowed to coment on other items they may | |have incountered outside of your services, such as a movie seen in a theatre previously? | |...
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