Beauty Through the Ages

Topics: Human skin color, Hair, Hair color Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Beauty of the 21st Century
In Japan, women with petite general figures are considered more attractive. The paler their skin, the more beautiful they are considered to be. Every facial feature including lips, ears, nose and mouth must be small. The only facial feature that they prefer to be bigger is the eyes. They tend to admire bigger eyes and also creased eyelids called ‘double eyelids’. They also consider small, oval faces to be more feminine. Body hair is mostly unwanted especially on the arms and legs although they like to have very long and thick head hair. The Japanese tend to prefer blonde hair colour. As with clothing, Japanese women like to wear ‘feminine’ colours just as red and pink.

Since most Japanese men tend to be shorter and smaller in size, it is quite reasonable for the femininity to be part of the criteria for women. Most women, in many countries all around the world, dislike body hair. Although this may be beautiful, some women may actually spend money on cosmetic surgeries to meet such criteria and to become what is considered ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’. I believe that beauty should be natural and not artificial.

Indian women used to be considered attractive if they weren’t too skinny and many parents would try to make their daughters gain weight but now the criteria and definition of beauty has changed. Due to Western influence, Indian women, especially models, have become obsessed with being skinny. In a country where most women are brown or dark in colour, the ones considered as attractive are those with pale or lighter skin colour. One of the most attractive parts of a woman’s appearance is her nose. They tend to like finely shaped noses and a smooth tip makes it seem even more beautiful. A woman with a properly worn dress is considered more beautiful. The Saree is the most suited traditional dress. Some women may even decorate their clothing with flowers. Although the Saree may the most suited...

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