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Topics: Antioxidant, Nutrition, Olive oil Pages: 4 (974 words) Published: February 12, 2007
The Secret to Beautiful Skin
By Laura Carpenter

What's the key to a clear complexion?
Amazingly, the secret lies in your cupboard. We sifted through the hype to bring you the beautiful skin secrets of three experts. They'll tell you why a cover girl's complexion is only a bowl of blueberries away.


Change Your Diet
It wasn't until recently that skin care gurus switched from prescribing creams to focusing on food.

"Beautiful skin on the outside begins with good health on the inside," explains Nicholas Perricone, M.D., author of The Wrinkle Cure (Warner, 2005) and Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity (Ballantine, 2006). "You'll never look your absolute best unless you eat right." After all, food nourishes every part of your body, including your skin.

One of the best incentives to eat for beauty is that your overall health will improve along with your skin. Not only will you get a silky, rosy complexion, you'll also have more energy. "Healthy people are easy to recognize," explains Evelyn Lauder, senior corporate vice president of Estée Lauder and author of In Great Taste: Fresh, Simple Recipes for Eating and Living Well (Rodale, 2006). "They stand straight, their eyes sparkle and their skin glows."

A Skin-Smart Menu
Three of the best foods to put on your grocery list to promote better skin are:

This seed is rich in a substance called rutin, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant which can improve your complexion. Rutin reduces blood pressure and strengthens blood vessel walls, and can even help prevent varicose veins. Bonus: It delivers more protein than other grains, so you'll stay fuller longer. "It's a great weight-control ally," says Perricone. It also puts carbs back on the menu! Use buckwheat flour in your favorite pancake recipe or add cooked buckwheat to a warm winter stew for a hearty flavor.

Olive Oil
Opting for olive oil over butter is a great first move. For the best...
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