Beauty School(Ethnography Paper)

Topics: Cosmetics, Cosmetology, Personal care and service occupations Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: July 13, 2010
Beauty School

I decided to study the unique culture that comes from students attending and participating in beauty school. I was able to observe and participate in some of the services that were offered at Sherman Kendall Academy on 700 East and 2300 South Sugarhouse Utah. I observed the way students interact with each other, clients, and the instructors at the school. The purpose of ethnographic observation is to understand the culture that is Beauty School. For my field research, I used two different methods. Participant-observation and Interviews. I felt pretty out of place and like I was intruding on “their world”. I felt that everyone knew I was watching them and writing things down in a notebook about what they were doing so they didn’t act normal at first. They soon became accustomed to my presence and were able to do what they normally did without noticing that someone was writing down everything they did and said. The first day I was there I walked in and nearly everyone had short black ‘A’ symmetric hair. They wore all black clothing and aprons. The girls wore a lot of face makeup particularly eye makeup. I was wearing jeans and a hoodie. I have long hair in my natural color and didn’t have makeup on. This was kind of a culture shock as I have never been around so many hair stylists in training prior that had their own type of style. All of the students don’t seem to have any boundaries concerning proximity. They all stand really close to one another and are constantly touching each other. The males especially didn’t use the norms of proximity with the girls. It seemed as though because they were attracted to their same gender it was okay to smother these girls and talk really candidly and with no regard as to who was near or listening about their sex lives. Some girls would just laugh while others would tell them they were bad. The students at the school have their own terms for things. I told someone that they had dropped their...
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