Topics: Beauty contest, Childhood / Pages: 4 (818 words) / Published: Jan 19th, 2014
Bill Braxton Braxton
October 29, 2013
Argumentative essay rough draft
ENC 1101-001
Mr. Hinson
Word count-1,017

Thesis: Beauty pageants should be outlawed for girls under sixteen because they over expose young women, teach them that being self absorbed is okay, and there are other hobbies the girls could pick up that would teach better qualities and allow kids to be kids.
I. Can make children self absorbed
A. Pageants are a “me” thing
1. Children shouldn’t grow up learning it’s all about them
2. Parents often neglect parenting and focus on perfecting the childs pageant performance.
B. Winning makes or breaks little girls self confidence
II. Young girls are over exposed
A. Six years old dressed like they’re entering adulthood
1. Promotes hypersexualization of little girls
2. Kids lose sense of what age they are
B. Studies show pageants have long-term effects on behavior
1. Does have positive effects on public speaking and grace
2. But has negative effects on impulse control, ineffectiveness, interpersonal distrust, maturity fears and body dissatisfaction.
III. There are better hobbies for young kids to be participating in
A. Hobbies such as girl scouts or a sport teach better qualities
1. Allow kids to learn key life concepts such as leadership, teamwork, and sharing
2. These skills allow them to be better prepared for life
B. Kids can be kids
1. Not caked in makeup they can get caked in mud.
2. Do activities that would be deprived of them if they were on “pageant schedule”

Braxton 1

Beauty pageants: crowning queens, or monsters? On the stage a young woman is flaunting her curves and swinging her hips down the runway dressed like a showgirl .She blows a kiss to a roaring applause. That would be fine if the young woman wasn’t six years old and the roaring applause didn’t come from parents who have a major

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