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Beauty of the Seasons

Topics: Season, Winter, Weather, Sun / Pages: 3 (717 words) / Published: Jul 19th, 2011
Beauty of The Seasons Through out the year, people all over the world have to adjust to the environment around them. Whether it is summer, spring, autumn, or fall, each season has it’s own beauties and flaws. But out of the four, summer and winter is the most two widely known seasons that are complete opposites. We all agree and disagree on whether which season tops the other. But summer is definitely a better season compared to winter because it is full of life and fun, it comes with beautiful weather, better activities, and gives you the option to wear lightweight comfortable clothing. Whoever said the quote, “ life is a journey, not a destination,” must have not been referring to winter driving. In the winter, just surviving the challenge of slipper roads, dirty windshields, and other drivers going too fast or too slow makes the whole purpose of driving an adventure. Winter weather is considered one of the worse seasons to drive in. It is dangerous and dirty. The cold temperatures consist of cold flurries, snow, sleet, and blizzards that will get your bones chilling. Going to school, work, or even to the mall can be a pain due to the weather. Going from point A to B could take up more time than intended, therefore causing you to lose time that could be spent on something else. Even the required wardrobe for winter could be dreadful. You would have to put layer upon layer, just to keep yourself from freezing your toes off from the snow and frigid weather. The wintertime may be a favored by a favor, but for most the winter reminds them of death, for it kills a lot of trees, plants, and animals. Summer on the other hand, is a whole different story compared to winter. Nothing beats the loveliness of this particular weather. Imagine driving in your convertible with the drop top down, with the wind flowing through your hair, while soaking up all the lovely sun. Other wondrous activities like swimming, or simply going to the park to play kick ball can be joyous. The temperature consists of nice sunny days that would warm up your whole body. Going from place to place in your car would not be cause you to think twice, since the roads are as clear as can be. You get to wear shorts, tank tops, flowing dress, clothes at are lightweight and comfortable. Many consider the summertime to be the best season there is out of the four, school is out, where the sun is nice and bright, and airports fill up with vacationers everywhere. Summertime is for living, where all the animals that have been in hibernation come out the trees and plants and animals start to grow and thrive again everything is bright and happy. Between the two, the summertime and wintertime have their similarities and differences, but for the most part, most of them are differences. The weather in the winter is much more dangerous than those of the summer. Driving from place to place would not be as risky as it would be, if it were clear and dry without black ice and snow. The activities are at no comparison either. Sure, the wintertime has many things that the summer does not, but most of the activities of the summer outweigh the wintertime any day. And the clothing, instead of bulking up in a sweater, coat, scarf, beanie, and snow boots, you can go outside in slippers, shorts, and a beater. No immensity to it. In conclusion, I believe the season of summer is overall better than the winter. There is simply just much more things in the summer that would overweigh the season of winter. For the most part, people would rather enjoy the warmth rather than the chill of the weather. For the most part, people would rather enjoy jumping into a swimming pool rather than jumping into a pile of snow. And for the most part, people would rather enjoy wearing light comfortable clothes that would not suffocate them, rather then wearing clothes that could weigh them down. Many would argue that the winter season is better than the summer, but from my opinion the wintertime is nothing compared to the wonderful season of the summer.

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