Beauty of Bangladesh

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Q.1:What is the title of your term paper?

Ans:The title of our term paper is “Beautiful Bangladesh”

Q.2:Why do you want to work on the topic?

Ans:The topic is so interesting to us we want to work on the topic

Q.3:How do you think this topic is going to help you?

Ans:To collect materials on the following topic we need to research some book ,news paper & web link ,Which is so helpfull to increase our knowledge about Bangladesh

Q.4:How do you intend to proceed with this work and from where do you plan to collect the materials?

Ans: Because of our curiosity we intend to proceed with this work. We collect data from internet,Some books & newspaper.

1.1. Introduction

2.1.heritage sites

1. shat gambuj mosque

2. MohastanGor, Bogra

2.2. Country Of longest beach & World's Largest Mangrove Forest

2 Sundarban

3 Cox's Bazar

2.3.Cultural beauty

4 Pohela Boishakh

5 Lalon Akhra

2.4.Some Other Natural Beauty

7 River & River Side

8 paddy Field

9 Six Seasons are Six beauty

2.5. The Potential Travel Services

2.5.1 The potential of the tourism industry

2.5.2. Future tourist demand

3.1 Conclusion

1.1 Introduction

Bangladesh is a sovereign state located in South Asia. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Together with the Indian state of West Bengal, it makes up the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal. It is the eighth most populous country and among the most densely populated countries in the world. Bangladesh is in the low-lying Ganges–Brahmaputra River Delta or Ganges Delta. The Ganges unites with the Jamuna and later joins the Meghna to eventually empty into the Bay of Bengal. We have lots of natural elements. In this term paper we want to describe about the beauty of our country.

2.1 Heritage sites

2.1.1. Shat Gambuj Mosque

It is a Tughlaq styled

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