Beauty: Family and People

Topics: English-language films, Family, Respect Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: June 26, 2013
True beauty, is focusing on being a good person by doing right to other people, being kind and helping others, than outer beauty will show and shine. There are several characteristics that I found in my mom making her the most beautiful person in my eyes. My mom has a way to put joy in other people hearts, and her ability to share happiness with others, another example, is how respectful she is toward any person, regardless of who they are. Most of all I admire how, she keeps our family in unity, peace and love.

Sharing happiness is a beautiful thing; some people don’t know how to bring smile on a sad face, while for others it is a part of their nature. I have learned from my mom how to help people gain hope. This is something very important, as my principal counselor in life and also to others, she taught me how to dry tears from a child eyes, how to be compassionate toward others who deserve it, and overall just live my life, and simply enjoy it. One of the most important examples I had was a lady; I remember one early morning that lady who used to work in our house came home, she was crying because she was desperate, she didn’t have any money and she wanted to go to visit her mom in the country side who was sick. My mom was very affected by that lady’s situation. She came in my room and shared with me the lady situation, soon after she asked me if I didn’t have any clothes or things that I didn’t use so she could give them to her. I had plenty of my blouses I haven’t worn for a while and some purses, I gave them to my mom, and she took food from the house and gave them to the lady. I was very surprised to discover how my mom was a very compassionate woman, and I felt sad for that lady. My mom took money from her saving and gave it to her, she was so happy about the entire thing that my mom had done for her, during her time of need. After her trip she came back visit to us, and asked to works in our home again, but my mom didn’t accept...
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