Beauty Contests Are Harmful

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A beauty contest or beauty pageant is a competition which become popular all around the world. It is mostly based on the physical beauty of all contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria. This parade of female bodies is not entertaining at all, because it has nothing to do with aesthetics but in fact reflecting the inequality between the sexes. These beauty contest are misleading and harmful, not only to plain looking women, but also to the entire community.

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Beauty contests promote an ideal of female beauty to which only a minority of women can realistically aspire, but adding pressure to all women to conform to it. This can be harmful to women by encouraging dieting, eating disorders and cosmetic surgery, or simply by making them feeling inadequate and ugly.| People may enjoy the beauty contests. Many women enjoy entering them. Many people enjoy watching them. Nobody is forced to do either. The beauty of a fit, healthy, well-proportioned human form is something from which we can all take pleasure and beauty contests, along with other forms of art, are vehicles, which enable us to do so.| Women in beauty contests are judged on their physical appearance rather than on any other qualities they may possess (which is the existence of a ‘talent’ element in many such contests is all very well, but ugly women simply aren’t going to win). Judging women, but not men, primarily on their looks contributes to the subjugation of women because other qualities such as intelligence, are not seen as part of ideal feminity and there fore, not as things to which women should aspire. | There is nothing wrong with judging people primarily on their physical prowess- people do this all the time in competitive sports, where fitness and strength are major determinants of success. Every competition or contests, people recognize that being able to lift heavy weights isn't the prime...
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