Beauty and the Beast (Beast POV)

Topics: 2008 singles, Merchant, Idlewild Pages: 3 (1413 words) Published: June 29, 2014
Villanueva, Kathleen A.Ms. Clarisse Marzan
BSIE 1-3
Beauty and the Beast
Once upon a time…In a faraway castle, there I live. I have a huge house but is filled with loneliness and dejection. For a long time, I am living alone. Yes, I am alone. I do not consider having a family with those talking teapots, mirrors, spoon and forks and so on. No one wished to be with me, cared for me, and loved me for who I become. I am hopeless, until one day… After I visited the beautiful roses in my garden, a heavy rain poured out. “There is a storm”, I thought to myself. Strong winds blew hard, and rain drops trembled the night. As I go to my bed, I saw a merchant heading off to my house. “He looked so cold and weary”, I told. Out of pity, I decided to open the front door so he could stay for a while. I also served splendid dinner lay on the table to fill his stomach such a delight. As he enter the main hall, I rushed to the back of a door, silently listened to his cry. “Hello… Anybody there?” he spoke. That moment, I thought to gradually show myself but then again, I refused. “Hello…” he yelled again. He now saw the dinner that I prepared. “Eat them all, my guest”, I whispered to myself. After his dinner, I slowly moved to my bedroom. “I will now prepare his bed. I know he is very tired and sleepy”, I said happily. The merchant went upstairs and entered the bedroom. “I can have my very good sleep,” he said. My heart was filled with joy after hearing that. After a moment, the merchant fell asleep. “It was heart-warming to help others”, I told to myself before I closed my eyes to sleep. I wake up early to prepare my visitor’s breakfast. I went on his room and had placed a mug of steaming coffee and some fruit by his bedside. The merchant had breakfast, and after tidying himself up, he went downstairs. “I want to thank whoever brought those delicious foods for me and let me sleep for the night”, he shouted to my house. “You’re welcome”, I whispered with a smile. The...
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