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Topics: Beauty and the Beast, Fairy tale, Merchant Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairy tale and its first version of this fairy tale was written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve who was a French author. She wrote the first version of Beauty and the Beast and her title of this book was La Belle et la Bete. This version was published by La jeune ameriquaine, et les contes marins, and it was over one hundred pages long containing many subplots and involving a Beast. The main elements of Villeneuve’s version were almost the same as the second version of Jeanne-Marie Le Prince De Beaumont. The summary of the first version is as follows. The beast was a prince who lost his father at a young age. The prince’s mother had to engage in war to defend the kingdom. The queen then left him in care of an evil fairy, who tried to take control over the prince, but when he refused, she turned him into a beast. Belle in this version was not a merchant’s daughter, but the child of a king and a good fairy. When the wicked fairy had tried to murder Belle, so that she could marry the king, Belle had to fake that she was a merchant’s dead daughter, so that she wouldn’t get killed by the bad fairy. The best known version of Beauty and the Beast is a version written by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince De Beaumont which was published in 1756 by Magasin des enfants, ou dialogues entre une sage gouvernante et plusieurs de ses eleves which translates to store of children or dialogues between a sage housekeeper and several of its pupils. An English version of this type of Beauty and the Beast was published in 1757. Many types of stories about the Beauty and the Beast are based on the second version and are known throughout all Europe. In France, Zemire et Azor is a play that was written by Jean-Francois Marmontel, a French historian and writer and it was composed by Andre Getry, a French composer in 1771. The fairy tale Beauty and the Beast has been adapted for screen, stage, prose, and television over the years. The version...
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