Beautify School Grounds

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Imagine our school campus when eventually, everyone gets tired of picking up trash after others. School filled with trash and overwhelming with hungry seagulls looking for leftover food is definitely not the kind of campus I’d like to be educated in. It is vital to keep our school grounds clean to provide a safe and appropriate learning environment. It would help if every individual did his or her part to keep our campus clean.

A clean and tidy campus offers an appropriate environment for students that attend the school and even guests that are invited to visit our school. During passing periods, so many people walk hurriedly and cautiously, trying to avoid stepping on dirty trash or getting pooped on by countless seagulls that have seized the school. After lunch, I hear so many people complaining about the birds but it never fails to amuse me when I see that it’s those people that do not know how to pick up after themselves. Also, it won’t be so amusing when other schools come to our school to compete for sports, we wouldn’t want them to have a bad image of our school being dirty and criticize what a horrible school we are. We should all help to beautify the school grounds, obvious reason being, that no one likes being in a dirty environment. I mean, who would want to eat lunch near loads of garbage bags, or play sports on a field that smells like rotten eggs?

Another reason why we should help keep our campus clean is to show respect to the staff at Rancho Cucamonga High School. Very often during passing period, I see Drs. Kelson and Schuler picking up trash after second lunch. I’m sure many students see this, but the school grounds occupied with trash still continues to grow. Picking up trash after students is not the administration’s job, and it slightly angers me that the students do not have the respect for the staff and not even bother to throw away their trash. We should show more respect to the staff of our school and as high school students, be...
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