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Topics: A Beautiful Mind, Psychiatric hospital, Nash equilibrium Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: February 27, 2014
“Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.” - John Forbes Nash Jr. Those wise words that John Nash spoke a few years back still resonate today.

The story starts at Princeton University, where John Nash is the recipient of a scholarship. (The Carnegie Prize for mathematics.) Then we are introduced to his roommate Charles, a literature student, he greets John and they instantly hit it off and become friends. John also meets an interesting group of men. They also are math and science grad students, Hansen, Sol, and Bender. With these group of men they become friends. John tells Charles that he is better with numbers than with talking to women after they had try to spark up conversations with women at the local bar near the university.

John has a thesis paper due soon and he is seeking a original idea for his paper. John is under a lot of stress due to the thesis paper being due soon. But a particular rejection from a woman at the bar gave him an incredible idea for his paper dealing with dynamics, a theory in mathematical economics. After his term of studies at Princeton , he accepts an appointment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Sol and Bender.

A few years later, as he was teaching, he put the window down, because there were workers outside doing construction. A few students pleaded for the window to be put down. But the noise was too much. So a certain student got up, Alicia, gets up, and shouts to the workers asking them to move because they are trying to have class. And to everyones surprise they do. This intrigues John. Then before the class ends he writes an articulate problem on the board and challenges the students to solve. The next day Alicia comes to see John to discuss the problem, then she invites him to dinner. The two eventually fall in love and then marry.

Now fast forward two or three years. John takes a return visit to Princeton and he runs into his...
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