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Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, World War III Pages: 3 (1344 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Based in the future this book gives the feeling that there is no tomorrow. The book takes place after World War III where most of the globe has been destroyed from the nuclear war. The survivors are located in Melbourne, Australia awaiting their fate of the nuclear cloud to creep up on them and take their lives as well. It takes less than a year for the radioactive cloud to reach Australia. The book starts in December 1962 and ends in August 1963. Leaving the audience emotional yet awakening. Each character has their own story and Nevil Shute does well transitioning between each characters stories. The audience feels the pain and struggles that each character has with the fact that no one will survive this war. Each character deals with the situation differently and it is interesting to put yourself in one of the characters places and see how you as the reader would react in the situation. There are five characters in the book as well as a baby. The book is opened up with a scene in the Holms household. Peter Holms is offered a job on the Navy ship after months of no work. The ship is commanded by Dwight Towers, who we learn more about throughout the whole book. Peter jumps at the opportunity of work for his family. He is married to Mary Holms and has a baby daughter named Jennifer. Peter struggles with the fact that after the mission to Seattle and finding no survivors that his family would die as well has himself, from this lack of responsibility or information about what nuclear war would do to the world. If there was more information about the outcomes and how far it would spread could have stopped the war from using them or even producing them. Mary Holms, who is married to Peter Holms, is a new mother to baby Jennifer. Her character is very motherly since she is always with Jennifer and learning how to handle a new baby as well. She has a small part throughout the book but seems absolutely oblivious to what will happen to her family. I am not sure if that...
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