Beautiful Disaster

Topics: Doctor, Physician Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Bethany Rutherford
Mrs. Honnold
Descriptive Essay
30 September 2010
My Beautiful Disaster
Many people do not understand how life is a precious gift that should be cherished every moment of the day. By looking at the world today, and its people, it’s very obvious and understanding how life is taken for granted in so many ways. Only a small percent of people truly understand how life is a gift and how lucky we are to actually wake up every morning to see another day.

When I woke up on July 8, 2010, it seemed like just an average day. At eight months pregnant I felt like a whale. As my ankles continued to swell, seemingly making my toes appear fat and stubby, I felt miserable. I tore my head from my pillow while trying to shut off the alarm clock. I felt very uncomfortable and out of breath, but I knew I could not show up late for my Doctors appointment. I remembered feeling like a kid on the last day of school, nervous and excited, but I loved to hear my son’s heart beating inside me.

I arrived at my Doctors appointment accompanied by my boyfriend Brian. We sat in the waiting room for a bit and finally a nurse called us back to a room. As soon as we got into the room a medical assistant met us there. She needed to take my blood pressure and note any changes in my pregnancy. She started checking my blood pressure but couldn’t get the cuff to stay on. She tried several times and just took a guess on what my blood pressure should be and wrote it down for the doctor. She then asked me to get ready for the doctor as she left the room. I sat there feeling out of breath and tired. I felt like I had just run a marathon.

A short time later the doctor came in and greeted Brian and I. He reminded me of my grandpa, always happy. After greeting us, he started to review my chart out loud. My blood pressure seemed perfect, which he questioned. At that point I spoke up and told him it could not be right. While retaking my blood pressure, his eyes grew wide with...
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