Beautiful Creatures Series Informative Essay

Topics: Shock, Love, Lon Chaney, Sr. Pages: 1 (457 words) Published: August 28, 2013
“I never loved you more than I do, right this second. And I’ll never love you any less than I do, right this second.” -Ethan Lawson Wate Beautiful Creatures is a four book series with action, drama, and forbidden love. They are great books that keep the reader interested. Lena, is a Caster (Witch) who meets a human named Ethan. They must battle against evil, so that their love can prevail. Lena and Ethan are not supposed to fall in love with each other; Casters and humans can’t physically touch. When Lena and Ethan touch, it is described as an electric shock throughout the series. As Lena’s powers get stronger, the shock gets stronger as well. With stronger shocks, it becomes hard for them to show their love for each other. When everyone tries to keep them apart, people, including Ethan, begin to get hurt. Ethan is killed when he gets stabbed with a knife. When Lena performs a spell to bring him back, it backfires in two ways. Half of Ethan’s soul stayed in the Underworld (after life), while the other half came back to reality. However, because magic comes with a price, Uncle Macon, Lena’s uncle, is sacrificed in place of Ethan. Lena becomes depressed and blames herself for her Uncle Macon's death. She closes herself off and stops talking to Ethan. She doesn't write in her poetry book and even hops on a man's motorcycle and rides away with him. Ethan would do anything to get Lena back, even if it means he has to battle the two Darkest (most evil) Casters ever. Ethan and Lena must fight Sarafine, who also, happens to be Lena's mother. She is a Dark Caster, and is responsible for half of Ethan's soul being in the Underworld. They fought Sarafine many times before she was finally killed by Lena. Abraham Ravenwood is an Incubus (Vampire). He was believed to be dead but was really just waiting for the right moment to come for Lena and kill her. He fails though and is killed by Ethan's best friend Link. Angelus is a Keeper of The Caster Chronicles, which is a book of...
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