Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

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A book that I would not have normally picked up, Beautiful Boy, by David Sheff, has recently broadened my horizons. This book is about a father’s journey throughout his son’s drug addiction and alcoholism, yet so much more. While reading this book, I pondered my own life, my own path. This book is an insight to the emotional trauma inflicted on family members of an addict.

I have no personal experience with drugs or alcohol, only stories and scenes from movies, but I have been taught more in the past week from a book then what I’ve learned in 3 years of health classes. David Sheff’s compelling story is more than well written, it’s inspiring. He tells his story while providing information and what I assume would be comforting and helpful to those going through the same/similar situation.

David lives in California where he started a family with his wife Vickie. They had a son, Nic, and were model parents. They made sure he had books, toys, and stuffed animals. They also paid attention to brands, picking the right stroller, the right car seat, food, clothes, anything their son needed. Which was great for Nic (even if he didn’t know it) but it took a toll on their marriage; after spending so much time concentrating on Nic, they forgot about themselves. David and Vickie divorced when Nic was five. After expensive lawyers and custody battles, an arrangement was made: Nic was to spend the school year with his dad, and summers with his mom. Nic had more frequent flyer miles by high school than most people have in a lifetime (but that is jumping ahead). David met Karen, she was an artist and was able to connect with Nic and soon enough take on the role of the stepmother. Things were easy, and everyone seemed happy. Karen and David had two children together, Jasper and Daisy. Daisy (the youngest) was born shortly after Nic graduated from middle school and was about to enter a private high school that he had been accepted into.

David first...
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