Beautiful Beach

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The school holidays has finally arrived, my parents have decided to bring me and my little brother, Shephard to go on a vacation at (Beach name).We have already planned this trip a few months ago and have done all our preparations.We were very excited to go on this trip because we have not went on a family trip since I was 12.

We have brought foods such as rice, chicken, snacks, and drinks like Coke or juice. We also brought some equipment to prepare the foods. I would never forget my fishing rod, because there is a good area for fishing. We left our house at 2 in the afternoon and the journey to the beach took approximately an hour , therefore we arrived at the beach at 3:00 P.M.

It was very fun on the way to the beach. My brother and I looked out the window and check out the villages and the view there during the journey. I would request to stop for a while to take some pictures of a beautiful view. We enjoyed looking at the traditional houses, green farms, and a river connecting to the sea. A village close to the beach sells fresh seafood. My mother stopped by there to buy some fresh seafood there such as shrimp, crab, and fishes to prepare our early dinner at the beach.

Upon our arrival, we looked for good spots at the beach, because it would be very crowded on weekends or holidays. We selected a cool place under the trees, and extended a mat on the white sand. The wind that blew through the trees softly made the weather cool and pleasant. Peace came into my heart when I looked at the very beautiful long white sand. People were playing all sort of games on the beach; for instance they played volleyball. Some of them swam in the shallow sea. There were some kids that were trying to build a sand castle. Everybody looked happy at that time.
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