Beattie's Model in Health Promotion

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Health promotion essay


Modern health emphasize that the health care professionals understand the many issues that surround the individual from a biological, psychological and sociological perspective and recognize factors that can put their health at risk. – Health Promotion page xiii. From this point of view the definition of health and even the meaning of health can create confusion as different individuals, different societies will have their understanding based on the current needs. In 1940s as the infectious diseases claimed the lives of some many children and young adult, health was perceived as the absence of the disease. After the World War ii health become linked to a person’s ability to fulfill their role in society as the national economy expand. As a result a person might recover from a disease but might not be able to fulfill their family or work role due to changes from their illness. In 1960s due to governments attempt to control spending and health care costs, nurses were more engaged in educating individuals in their responsibilities and life style choices that could affect their health. More recently, in 1992 more emphasis has been put on the quality of person’s life as a component of health.( page 4 health promotion) As a result, Health Promotion has been introduced in order to enable health care professionals to understand the issues that surrounds the individuals, families and communities in social, work and family settings, including the biological, inherited, cognitive, psychological, environmental and sociocultural factors can put their health at risk and develop intervention to support them.( Health promotion xiii).

The mission of the WHO Diabetes Programme is to prevent diabetes whenever possible and, where not possible, to minimize complications and maximize quality of life. Our core functions are to set norms and standards, promote surveillance, encourage prevention, raise awareness and strengthen prevention and...
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