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Topics: United States, Mexico, Mexican–American War Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Beatriz Figueroa11-28-12
1. Explain the philosophy of “Manifest Destiny.” What forces created this concept? -The Manifest Destiny is the belief that the United States had a divine mission to extend its power and civilization across North America. The idea that created this concept was the rapid expansion of America into the West from the East. 2. What were some of the arguments by those who did not embrace the idea of Manifest Destiny? -The Northern critics believed that because of all of the expansionist drive it would make the south to spread slavery into western lands. 3. Why did tensions increase between the American settlers in Texas and the Mexican government? -Because Santa Anna insisted on enforcing Mexico’s laws in Texas, but American settlers revolted against that and declared Texas to be an independent republic. 4. What were some of the fears of those who opposed the admission of Texas into the union? -Some that opposed were the settlers in the North because the annexation would cause the expansion of slavery to increase. 5. How does the Mexican war directly relate to the civil war? The Mexican war affected the Civil War because it acquired new territory. Some believe that the Wilmot Proviso as the beginning of an increasing political conflict the led to the Civil War. 6. Besides the new law for settlers, what other interests did Americans have for the Oregon territory? -Another interest America had in Oregon was for trade.

7. Why was the policy of Manifest Destiny closely associated with the Democratic Party? -Because the phrase “Manifest Destiny” was developed by the editor of the Democratic review. 8. What tensions emerged in the Southwest those threaten to lead the United States into war? - Southerners were not satisfied with the territorial gains from the Mexican War. They wanted new territories in the Latin American areas where plantations existed. 9. On what grounds did president Polk asked Congress to declare war on Mexico? Was this...
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