Beatrice Potter Webb

Topics: London School of Economics, Fabian Society, Beatrice Webb Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Name: Deedee Ahn


Name of woman founder and chapter number: Beatrice Potter Webb – Chapter 8

List five important facts about the woman founder:

1. Beatrice was born eighth of nine daughters. When she was four years old, her little brother (and male heir) was born. Unfortunately, he died few years after. This major disappointment of losing a male heir devastated the family for the rest of their life. Beatrice stated that her childhood remained "in the shadow of my baby brother's birth and death".

2. An important part in Beatrice’s life was the fact that her mother regarded her as the only ungifted child in the family. Such an experience gave her reasons to have negative feelings in gender identity and about being a female.

3. Beatrice’s mother died while she was still young. After the death of her mother, she found herself forced to make a decision regarding the course of her life. Her options were to remain with her father and take care of the home, get married, be involved in community service through the church, or become a lady novelist.

4. In 1891, she had enough information about the working class from her stay in Lancashire to write The Cooperative Movement in Great Britain. It was after this research that Beatrice realized that before she could address social problems she must learn more about what she wanted to correct. She began to realize it was not the individual, which was entirely at fault but the structure. She also inquired more about labor unions and the economic conditions of the working class to better understand not only where they were coming from but also how to help them more efficiently.

5. Her husband, Sidney James Webb, was a member of the Fabian Society. Because Sidney's political views were very different and extreme compared to Beatrice's family they waited until 1892 to get married. When they married, they created a "remarkably complementary partnership". They abided by the Fabian...
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