Beatles conspiracy

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The Beatles Conspiracy
On November 9, 1966 Paul McCartney, former band member of The Beatles, was in a fatal car accident that gruesomely ended his life. Paul’s death was covered up and hidden from millions of fans for almost half a century. When the news that Paul had been replaced by an impostor was released by the media, thousands of fans rushed to the nearest record store and impulsively bought the latest album to see for themselves that the hidden clues about Paul’s death was indeed factual. The 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy can be proven accurate because there is evidence shown in their album art, music lyrics, and knowledge provided by witnesses.

The Beatles were at a high point in their music career when Paul unexpectedly died in a car crash. Instead of giving up all the hard work that was put into making them so well-known, they decided to replace Paul with an impersonator, named William Campbell. There was a Paul look-alike contest that was put together to find a man who looked very similar to him. After William had won he had to undergo several facial surgeries and voice therapy to be certain he was identical to the real Paul (Hanc.). Of course, after surgery there were multiple scars, this explains why The Beatles suddenly stopped touring and all grew mustaches. The Beatles felt guilty about replacing Paul, so they planted clues into their album art and song lyrics. They figured that if fans would catch on to the clues, they could convincingly claim that they tried to tell them about Paul’s death from the beginning (Massimo).

The most obvious evidence can be seen on the front and back covers of the many albums that the Beatles recorded following Paul’s unexpected death. The clues hidden in the art were first captured by one of the millions of fans that became obsessed with the “Paul is dead” conspiracy. One of the very first albums released after the accident was “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club.” The album features a picture of the Beatles in...

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