Beatles: Boyband to Revolutionaries

Topics: The Beatles, Please Please Me, George Harrison Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: July 18, 2006
The Beatles had its start as a young band in the early 1960's; they came about just as some of the most influential rock n' roll artists were exiting the scene, as a result, their success and music had a great impact on music in their time. They brought with them a fresh kind of music which involved fusing of different musical sounds like rhythm & blues as well as different types of pop music at the time. With continual experimentation with non standard instruments, exploration of new recording techniques and incorporation of other worldly sounds, Beatles revolutionized music. As the world changed and a new, younger generation came about, their music transformed into complex artworks filled with their personal interpretation of the social situations of the time.

In my opinion, the Beatles' music transformed in three stages: the early stage, the experimental stage and the revolutionary stage. The early stage in Beatles' music was characterized by songs which were simplistic and almost shallow; their music was homogeneous and well balanced, basically tailored to attract a popular audience. Over their experimental stage, the Beatles used their curiosity and willingness to try new things to test different methods of making music with more depth. Finally, in the revolutionary stage, as technology became more readily available and the world was changing rapidly, the Beatles went beyond any other band has gone to make truly original music. As their music became increasingly complex and dense, the Beatles' perception of themselves changed from being simply entertainers to revolutionary artists, and their music represented their interpretation of the social changes at the time. The Beatles musical transformation was a gradual process in which each album matured as the members themselves had, their music becoming increasingly complex and socially significant.

In the early stage, the Beatles' main objective was to achieve fame; as a result they recorded...
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