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SVKM’S NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering. B.Tech (Mechanical & Civil Engineering) Sub:- Applied Mathematics-V Periods per Week Lecture 4 hrs Practical -Tutorial -Evaluation Scheme Trimester V Code:- AM-V

Hours Marks Theory Examination 3 50(Scaled down to 50) Test 20 Term Work/PR/Oral 30 Objective: To provide the understanding of Nature of flows/motions of different (electrical, mechanical, magnetic) field and their behavior under the influences of constraints such as poles, zeros, singularities etc. Understanding of various optimizations practically usable in industry. Prerequisite: Applied Mathematics I,II,III,IV Detailed Syllabus Unit Topics Duration (Hrs) 1 20 Complex Variables :  Functions of Complex variable  Analytic Function. Harmonic Functions.  Line integral for a complex-valued function  Cauchy’s integral theorem & Cauchy’s integral formula (without proof)  Singularities & poles  Taylor’s & Laurent’s series (without proof)  Cauchy’s Residue theorem  Evaluation of real integrals of the form  C-R Condition for Analytic Conformal Transformation.  Bilinear Transform. Operation Research :  Linear Programming : Problem Formulation, Graphical method, Simplex Procedure  Revised Simplex Method  Duality, Dual Simplex Method  Sensitivity Analysis  Transportation & Assignment Problem  Integer Programming, Cutting Plane  Algorithm-B Mach & bound technique  Traveling Salesman problem Total




Text Books: 1. Complex Variables & Applications, (8th edition), by Churchill, published by McGraw Hill. 2. Operation Research; V. K. Kapoor, S. Chand & Sons 3. Statistical Method; S.P.Gupta. Recommended Books: 1. G.V.Kumbhojkar: Applied Maths III, S. Chand & Co. 2. T. Veeraranjan: Engineering Mathematics, Tata McGraw Hill

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3. Problems in operation Research; P.K. Gupta & Man Mohan (Methods & Solution), Sultan Chand & Sons. 4. Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics; Gupta & Kapoor, Sultan Chand & Sons. 5. Operation Research; J. K. Sharma, Macmillan India Ltd 6. Principal of Operation Research; Harvey M. Wagner, Prince-Hall of India Term work: 1. Assignment based on syllabus. 2. Two written test during the term.

SVKM’S NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering. B.Tech (Mechanical) Sub:- Manufacturing Process I Periods per Week Lecture Practical Tutorial Trimester V Code:- MP-I 04 03 -Hours 03

Marks Evaluation Scheme Theory Examination 100( scaled down to 50) Term Work/PR/Oral 50 Objective: To provide the understanding of importance of manufacturing for the mankind and to know the types of manufacturing processes and evaluation of that processes. Prerequisite: Practical Knowledge of Mechanical Workshop First year. Detailed Syllabus Unit Topics Duration (Hrs) 1 Metal Casting : 10 Pattern Making:- Types of pattern, allowances, colour coding Foundary:- Moulding sands ,types properties, preparation and testing of sand, core boxes ,Core making,Type and Manufacturing of core, gating System-runner,risers, Moulding processes, shell Moulding , CO2 moulding Investment casting, Die Casting, centrifugal casting and continious casting. Defects in casting. 2 Joining process: Surface preparation and Various Joints, classification of welding processes, Arc Welding :- Theory, Submerged Arc Welding, Gas -Metal Arc Welding,Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. Electron beam Welding, Ultrasonic welding, laser beam welding Resistance Welding:- Spot, Seam and Projection weld process. Gas welding. Soldering, Brazing. Use adhesives for joining. Welding of various metals, rebuilding, hard facing, characteristics of good weld,defects,weldability Machining processes:Construction and working, operation of lathe, Screw cutting, Attachments and accessories of centre lathe, Types of tools, cutting speed, depth of cut and...

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