Bear Creek Golf Range Executive Summry

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MKG 62200 - Bear Creek Golf Range Executive Summary - Qiuyi Wei Company
Bear Creek is founded by Dan Shay and George Patton in 1993, who is retired as a respectable professional player and earned recognition as one of the most knowledgeable PGA Class A professionals in America. The goal of Bear Creek Golf Range is to provide a premier golf experience for serious golf skills through practice and with the guidance of expert instruction. The range cater to these serious golfers by providing first-class facilities, high-quality equipment, and professional service. The range locates in the Dallas/Fort Worth area close to Route 183, with a warm climate and healthy golf environment. SWOT Analysis

Dan shay’s PGA Reputation
Individual/Group lessons given by PGA Pro
First class greens, fairways, and hitting areas
Premium equipment available for both men and women
Privacy for golfers
Convenient location
-Located near the airport
-Located near a popular roadway
-Located between Dallas and Fort

Targeted market too narrow (Professional Golfers)
Gravel parking area
Lack of advertising in local newspaper
or in golf publication
Lack of amenities
-Indoor plumbing
-Lounge area
-Snack bar

Growth in golf market by 3%
Growth in women golfers market
Women golfers’ fee greater than men’s
Growth in young adults(16-36 years old) market
10 acre expansion available
Warm Weather

Competition in the area: 8 private and 7 public golf courses Inexperience crowds can be disruptive and disorderly
Inclement weather
Economic downturn

Key Issue
Based on the above analysis data, the key issue Bear Creek has is usage rate in this year is 20 percent. Compare with its two major competitor, 35 percent for Greenbrier, 33 percent for Golfarama, Bear Creek was not capturing its fair share of business in spite of its new...
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