Bear Creek Case Study

Topics: Golf, Professional golfer, Marketing Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: February 14, 2007
Case Study 1: Bear Creek

Dan Shay and George Patton formed a partnership and began developing their dream golf range. Their dream range and financial expectations fell short after the initial construction and first year of business. Martha Rawles presented Dan and George with a marketing plan that exposed the weaknesses of their golf operation. The marketing plan revealed a strong need for an advertising plan and expansion to cater to a greater segment of the golf market.

Situation Analysis:
Bear Creek must consider expanding to other marketing segments and where to put more resources into advertising. There is a growing interest of golf nationally and especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Dallas has an abundant supply of customers in all market segments. The geographic location permits business operations 10 months out of the year. Unfortunately there is also considerable competition in the area including both high and low budget ranges with varying services. Dan and George have a potential edge over the competition because they offer the only Class A PGA level instruction in the area. During the first year, Dan and Shay suffered from incomplete facilities, neglecting potential customer groups and overlooking potentially profitable opportunities. Now Dan and George must implement an aggressive advertising campaign and acquire new resources to appeal to a greater majority of the potential customer base.

Market Segments:
Serious golfers – Serious golfers are competitive, frequent players, and big spenders when it comes to improving their game. Serious golfers account for 9 percent of the total golfing population.

Frequent golfers – Frequent golfers enjoy the game and play when possible. They combine business with golf and take lessons to improve their game. Frequent golfers account for 29 percent of the total golfing population.

Occasional golfers – Occasional golfers are generally not skilled players and only play when invited....
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