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On this project we will try to design an ( I ) construction beam and find lightest weight material that can be used as an construction beam , currently we are taking strength of material course that helping us to learn more about construction beam’s design , we will be going over types of beams , types of loads and beams design , on our own we will research about the materials of beams and try to find the lightest beam’s material that we can use in construction according to our knowledge so far.

The universally and traditionally descriptions of civil engineering structural elements or buildings And one of the building’s principles, this is what they call beam, so basically beam is a long thick piece structural element of wood or metal or concrete, etc., that has an ability to withstanding stress ,some people they defined Beam is structural member designed to support loadings perpendicular to their longitudinal axis, but simply we say it’s the pole of a carriage in the building , as you see in the picture (# of pic ) these are beams of woods attached to each other to make the primal structure , I think this picture is an good example of construction beams,

in this project we going to talk about several things are related to construction beams, First of all we going to talk separately about types of beams, and then we will cover the some types of structural and give a full explanation about them , after that we will be going over the beam design in general and especially (I) beam, lastly we will explain the types of materials that we use for construction beams, after a fully explaining for the previews parts we will answer our question that we have and discuss the results, moreover we will sum up our project in the conclusion part as the last part of the our project.

Types of Structural loads:
Structural loads a load can be define as a force that effect and produce deformations, stresses and displacements in the structure.
Some types of structural loads:
1. Dead loads
2. Live loads
3. Wind loads
4. Earthquake loads
5. Snow loads

Dead loads:
Weight of the structure as you in picture ( # of picture ) and weight of everything that attached to the structure, for example Floors, Beams, Roofs, etc.., Loads that are “always there”

Live loads :
Loads that can be moved from place to another place or can change their mass or weight: for example: People, furniture. As you see (# of pic)

Morover As you see in the picture (#of picture ) everything are attached to the structire considered as a live loads TV, sofas and table,ect …

Dynamic loads:
A type of load that changes in the direction or degree of force during operation, so basically is moving loads such as traffic on the bridge check out picture (#of pic) and Impact loads check out picture (#of pic ) .

In this picture when the box hit the ground it’s going to make some loads on it , so that’s what we call impact loads.

Wind loads:
The total force placed on a structure arising from the impact of wind on it, but it’s depends on Geographical location, The height of structure, Type of surrounding physical environment, The shape of structure and Size of the building , the best example are pictures ( # of pics ) .

Snow loads:
The force that arising from the impact of snow on the structure (# of pic).

Earthquake loads:
The total force that an earthquake exerts on any structure.
I was trying to explain some kinds of loads cases on a structure and this picture (# of picture) It’s going to make the idea more clear, so in this picture more than one load are applying on the structure.

Beams are one of the major elements in a structure. A beam is an element that can withstand loads applied by resisting bending. Beams are mainly be used in civil engineering projects and are known as civil engineering structural...
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