Beach Lifeguard

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Jared Raymond
Informative Speech Outline:
“What it takes to become a Beach Lifeguard”
When you arrive at the beach you will usually see the lifeguard either standing in his tower or talking to people attending the beach. People don’t pay much mind to the guard the rest of the day unless of course, you need help. (Thesis)

The truth is many people that attend the beach don’t know how hard it is to keep tens of thousands of people safe at the beach every year. This speech will take you into what being a beach lifeguard is all about. (Purpose Statement)

The purpose of this speech is to inform you on what it takes to be a beach lifeguard, and hopefully you come out of this with more knowledge about the water and its dangers. (Preview Statement) :

First, we will look at what lifeguarding is; what are the risks? What are the rewards? (Brotherhood) Second, we will look at the process to becoming a beach lifeguard. (Training) Finally we will look at implications of being a lifeguard.

Transition: I was first introduced to lifeguarding through my dad (Firefighter/ Paramedic) since the fire department is attached to the marine safety department in HB. The first thing I was told about this job was that it wasn’t a summer time job that anyone could get. Only a selected few could make the cut. MP #1: Although people may look at lifeguarding as an easy job, however, it demands a lot of diligence and hard work both mentally and physically. Ben Carlson’s death (brotherhood)

Everyone was affected by this tragedy. (All agencies are lifeguards) Pictures (Instagram- #bendidgo)
“It’s a brotherhood that’s very difficult to describe,” Newport Beach Fire chief Scott Poster said of the lifeguard community. “Unless you do it, you’ll never know what it’s like.” (ktla5 news) Even though it’s sometimes a big swell and its scary but all lifeguards at the beach are confident that they could bring anyone to shore. The praise and thanks that we receive from...
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