Beach House

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I come to this this place in my dreams..Beaches of white sand surround and soft underneath my feet making me feel so at home. The bluest sky all around..with its big white fluffy clouds that go on forever..The sweet breeze and the smell of salt in the air make the day smell new and fresh..Sea oats that blow in the wind as if they are telling a secret that has been kept for years..Blue waves that crash against the beach making the sand crumble between my toes..Crabs running everywhere..

Then I see it..a blue house..with its paint starting to fade from the hot shutters that storms have almost destroyed..but the house still looks amazing sitting there facing forever... A little girl with curly red hair playing with a little boy with blue swim shorts...running into the ocean they seem 2 magically disappear...

I stand there watching the waves crash along the deck of the blue house..remembering a moment that time has never touched..In this place i'm free..young..and alive... I run for hours along the shore..This is where I feel safe..alone..and content...Here I can play with if time never took him away..I can remember it as if it were happening now...We run through the house tracking sand in from our days many adventures..We play in the ocean..never getting ready to leave even though our bodies are hot and blistered..We lay on pink and blue towels..our bodies stretched out watching the sunset in the evening..We laugh..cry..and even dream bout what our lives will hold for us..We feel as if we will live forever..never having 2 worry about death and pain..only playing =)

I watch as the darkness falls on the blue house..and the waves start to die down..I sit there and beg myself 2 stay never go back to the real world.. In the real world I will never be able 2 touch or hug him..Here I can hold him forever without any worries of death..but I know I must go..

I must leave the beautiful beach..with its blue house..I must say...
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