Beach Day

Topics: Beach, Water, English-language films Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Beach Day

During the summer I went to the beach with my “sister” Alexis. We went all the way to New Port Beach with my parents. When we got there we had to find a parking space, it was packed. We finally found a parking spot; it was pretty far from the beach. As soon as we got there we headed out to the beach. As I was heading over there to the ocean, the sand had a lot of seaweed. I find seaweed gross and I dislike seaweed with a passion. When I went to the ocean the water was really cold, so we just decided to go collect some seashells. We started to walk around the beach, and then we found a nice area. It wasn’t crowed and the water wasn’t as cold like the other water. Alexis and I started to splash water at each other and then salt water went in my mouth. Salt water tastes gross, I was already about to puke. But instead I suck it up and the taste of the water was gone. We were sitting on the sand were the water could hit us. Then all of a sudden I and Alexis felt something poking us on our thighs and butts. We both soon realized that they were tiny crabs, poking at us. We were trying to grab them, so we can take them home; we ended up not catching them because those little suckers disappeared in the sand, which was very disappointing. So now we were going more in the ocean, so we can swim. The waves hit us so hard that we nearly fell. The waves were pushing us ashore, but it was a total blast. I soon saw my mom; she was waiting for us to get out the water. But we just couldn’t because it was it was way too fun. We soon started to get out the water. We had got out and went to wash the sand off our body. The sand was all over my body, and I mean every where. The sand came off and we headed to the car. We went to go eat at In-Nd-Out, the food was so bomb. Our day at the beach came to an end. I was sad that the day was over because I had so much fun. I will never forget the day I went to the beach with my “sister”, Alexis....
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