Be a Captain

Topics: Leadership, Sport, High school Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: June 1, 2013
I think I would be a good sports captain because I will
do my best by encouraging you, motivating you,
supporting you and most of all, being a good sport.

encourage others to participate in sport

The elected house captain should (already) and will:
§ Tell the truth.
§ Not give into peer pressure when loaning equipment, and will not favour their friends over others.
§ Report people misusing equipment or being unfair in sport. KINDNESS AND CARING:
§ Help others learn new sporting skills.
§ Include others in games without being asked to.
§ Support all team members.
§ Always model good sports’person’ship.
§ Make people’s day during sport and physical activity.
§ Share equipment.
§ Behave during all physical and sporting tasks.
§ Not argue with team-mates, coaches the opposition or umpires. § Respects the decision of the umpire.
§ Show a positive attitude in all activities.
§ Listen to coaches and umpires and does as they are told.
§ Strive to succeed in all sports and physical activity.
§ Persist / never give up.
§ Participate in all school sporting activities with enthusiasm (EG: Weekly sport, class sport, Footsteps, TriSkills, Swimming).
§ Try to improve.
§ Sets and reaches personal goals.
§ Look after personal and school sporting property.
§ Be a good listener and team-member.
§ Wear correct house colours and sporting uniforms.
§ Thinks before they act.
§ Follow game and school rules.
§ Uses manners and is tolerant of others.
§ Treat everyone equally.
§ Puts the needs of the team before their own needs

This is My speech for school captain. Please help me today.

My teachers, my peers hear my plea; _______ is who you need. Good morning teachers and friends, I stand here before you to prove to you that I am going to be the best choice for school captain for the following year, 2013. For...
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